Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Great Firewall of China

As I mentioned in my last post, I enjoyed Sharanksy's The Case for Democracy. In today's New York Times is an article that kind of ties in with Sharanky's discussion of how the free flow of information helped to undermine the dictatorial nature of the Soviet Union.
Will blogs topple the CCP?

On the other end of the spectrum of hope, it is a little known fact that Google-often cited as a champion of the free flow of information-is helping the Chinese government censor the internet as accessed by the Chinese people.
Accusations against Google
Admission by Google

I seem to remember seeing a news story about a year back about some iniative, in which Bill Clinton was a participant, that would allow the Chinese government to more efficiently block websites. It wasn't being sold to the public that way, but that was the net result. I can't find the story at the moment though.

Update: According to Yahoo, China has ordered all websites in China to register as a means of better restricting access to those they don't like.

Update2: Microsoft is now
also facilitating the enforcement of the Great Firewall of China. (See article and commentary)

Update 3: Global Voice is putting the censorship to the test.