Tuesday, July 12, 2005

First Ever MeiZhongTai Roundup

I'm not trying to steal any thunder from Simon and his famous roundup of daily linklets, but I found a few interesting stories worthy of mention. Included in this roundup is a beauty queen, a port full of sailors with too much leisure time on their hands, and some KMT politicians (no not all in the same story).
  • The Three Links are a major point of contention in ROC politics. They will likely re-emerge in the news in the near future as a result of reduced traffic in Kaohsiung Port.
    Two major shipping associations warned recently that should the government delay the opening of the direct transportation with China, the number of cargo containers handled at Kaohsiung Port would continue to decrease, which would also cause the port's global ranking to drop below top 10 ranking.
    A story in Commercial Times quoted the statement from Mao En-ming, chairman of Taipei Shipping Agencies Association, saying that this is so because most shipping companies have moved their operations to China. Sales of most shipping agents in Taiwan have greatly reduced , as new cruise lines developed by big shipping firms have stopped pulling their vessels into the Kaohsiung Port. (The China Post)

  • Asiapundit has a post on Miss Tibet being kicked out of the Miss Tourism Pageant at China's urging. Quoted in that post are some questions Imagethief has for the Chinese leadership:
    [A] beauty pageant? Do you have a hobby? Friends? A dog to walk? A charity to start? Visas to issue? Is there really nothing better that the Chinese consulate in Malaysia could be doing than obsessing about beauty pageants?
    That is exactly how I felt when I first learned that Taiwan's national baseball team was named Chinese Taipei.

  • Jujuflop explains Taiwanese politics as noone else can. He has a must-read post on the race for Chairman of the KMT.

  • The China Stock Blog reports that "China Companies Lack Confidence in Economic Prospects". (Hat Tip: Simon's World)