Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Four Must Reads

I have stumbled across four must reads - three blog posts and an article from the MSM. First are the blog posts, all of which focus on politics appearing in unusual, but not so unexpected places.
  1. Jujuflop posts about China's offer of pandas:
    It is still unclear whether the pandas will ever make it into Taiwan - back in May the official line was that they would only be accepted if all the permits from the 'Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species' were in place (a problem, as the donors don't believe it is an international trade).
  2. Simon discusses the currencies China chose to peg the yuan to:
    Did you spot the obvious ommissions? No New Taiwan dollars, and no Hong Kong dollars.
  3. Survived SARS analyzes a Washington Post article on Chinese energy efficiency:
    China's growth in energy consumption has not been matched by improved efficiency, even while political factors compel massive wastes of energy in China's cities.
The fourth must read is an article in the Washington Post entitled "How to Learn Chinese in 2,200 Not-So-Easy Lessons." (Hat Tip: The View from Taiwan) I enjoyed the article, if for no other reason than to feel better about the difficulties I have faced in my study of the Chinese language.