Thursday, August 04, 2005

One Post, Two Articles

Two blogposts caught my eye this morning. One is from Peking Duck and one is from SimonWorld. Both are interesting and worthy of a read.
  1. At Peking Duck, there is a post that might be called "Pot, Meet Kettle" (which seems to be a popular title by the way). The name it was given at birth, however, is more descriptive: "Japan 'doctors' its school textbooks! (Like everyone else)." Question for discussion - Who is guilty of more sins of omission in their textbooks: China or Japan?
  2. HK Dave at SimonWorld offers a post about China's (lack of a) national flower. Any article that includes the phrases like "one country, four flowers" is worth reading. Personally I expect that China will declare the Plum Flower as their national flower and then convince the other nations of the world to deny the ROC's right to have a flower and claim that both places being represented by the same flower shows that there is but one China.