Sunday, September 25, 2005

Greatest Hits

In honor of this auspicious day, I have compiled a collection of MeiZhongTai's top ten greatest hits. If you have been reading since the early days, this is a good chance to reminisce. If, on the other hand, you are new to MeiZhongTai, then this is a chance to read some of the posts that you missed. (in chronological order)

  • Starting Point offers a mission statement of sorts for this blog.

  • USAF vs. Sukhoi's Best compares the American F-16 to the Sukhoi fighters currently in service in numerous Asian countries, including China.

  • ShaShouJian studies the Chinese concept often translated as "Assassin's Mace."

  • Killing a Carrier examines the People's Liberation Army Navy's efforts to be able to sink an American aircraft carrier in the event of a war.

  • Chinese AWACS discusses the origins of China's airborne early warning aircraft.

  • Can China Invade Taiwan? is a four-part debate with Michael Turton of The View from Taiwan on China's ability to invade Taiwan.

  • Taiwan's Silicon Shield examines the thesis that Taiwan's high-tech industry makes it too important for the major powers to abandon in the event of a war.

  • Protection Money? studies the arms offered by the United States for purchase by Taiwan in order to better understand the purpose behind the sale.

  • Exploring the Spratlys looks at recent Chinese exploration of the Spratly Islands and considers possible foreign policy implications.

  • How Invisible is Stealth? examines China's efforts to counter America's stealth advantage.