Monday, November 07, 2005

China's Friends

Angry Chinese Blogger has been keeping a close-eye on Chinese relations with North Korea. First ACB blogged "Blame the Dragon, Slay the Ogre" about the American effort to increase pressure on China to use its leverage with North Korea. The Scoop Jackson National Security and Freedom Act is an interesting and controversial concept which is not being discussed nearly enough, I feel.

ACB followed up with another look at Chinese-North Korean relations through Chinese eyes in "We will choose our friends as we see fit". China has a habit of associating itself with the nations the rest of the world wants to see shunned (North Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe). This article gives insight as to China's feelings toward such relationships.

Excerpt from the latter article:
There is an old saying in Asia: Similarities call out to friends, and in few places is this more evident the relationship between North Korea and China., and if recent announcements and trends hold true, this relationship looks set to evolve, into something much more solid and much more sustainable, much to the distress of nationalist elements in Washington.

Since the end of the Korean War, China has acted to support its ideological partner in terms of military assistance, civilian aid, and political recognition, in what has largely been an ‘aid provider-aid receiver’ relationship that has seen China assisting North Korea for reasons of unity and political face. However, recent moves by Beijing now show clearly that China intends to expand this relationship to a new level, much to the chagrin America, which would see North Korea isolated from the world and resigned to the status of pariah state.

During a high level press briefing, welcoming Chinese president Hu Jintao return from a three day ‘good will’ visit to North Korea, Wang Jiarui, the head of the International affairs department of China’s ruling central committee that China announced that China was now moving steadily to expand its dealings with North Korea to cover a broad range of area, and indicating that that Beijing soon hoped to develop the uneven Sino-North Korean relationship into a full two way economic relationship that would bring the two countries closer together than ever.

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