Monday, December 05, 2005

Firewall Activity

The net nannies that run the Great Firewall of China have been busy. According to Matthew Stinson, Blogspot is once again blocked meaning that this blog and others will only get Chinese visitors that use proxies or surf via Google's cache.

In order to assure continued access to the Chinese market, some blogger services impose content requirements upon their users. Bingfeng's Teahouse seems to be hosted on such a server. His attempts to post on the recent elections in Taiwan were unsuccessful until he engaged in some impressive circumlocution (Taiwan becomes "the Chinese island located near Fujian province" and election becomes "activity"). As is the habit here at MeiZhongTai, messages that are censored get republished.
Basically my post says that Chinese people are happy with the results [of Taiwan's election], and the blue organization that won the activity will probably promote the relationship between that island and the rest of China, and the green organization that lost the activity, unlike many people think, might take a more provoking stance towards mainland China.
Bingfeng gets so tired of being told that Taiwan and election are "illicit words" that he actually uses an illicit word or two. If that offends you, don't read the post here.