Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Sub Supporter

Some of you may remember that one month ago, I changed my position on Taiwan's purchase of eight diesel submarines from the United States. Having previously defended the purchase as necessary for security, I switched sides due to cost ineffectiveness. Brian Dunn of the Dignified Rant is now assuming the mantle of leadership in defense of the submarines.
[MeiZhongTai's] analysis ignores the fact that China's subs are on average, quite poor and poorly trained as well. They rarely put to sea and usually do so with the company of surface ships just in case. I sincerely doubt that the PLAN could put 16 effective attack submarines to sea to sink the 8 proposed Taiwanese boats under debate.

Dunn then goes on to ponder how plausible deniability might fit in to undersea warfare in the Taiwan Strait. Give it a read and since Dignified Rant doesn't appear to have comments enabled, feel free to discuss the merits of the various positions in the comments section of this post.