Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stealing Credibility

Danwei offers an article by Bruce Humes on using an edited copy of the New York Times as propaganda in China.
What's more convincing to the masses than propaganda out of Beijing? Discreetly massaged copy from the New York Times, evidently.

Humes tells how the "much-respected Chinese-language digest of the world press" Cankao Xiaoxi translates articles from the foreign media while removing "references deemed unbecoming to China's image."
Unlike many other publications in China, Cankao Xiaoxi implements strict standards for translation: Virtually no English is used, no content is added, and politically incorrect terms--such as the Republic of China--are translated directly into the Chinese if they appear as such in the original. Such practices make for a good read and have endowed the brandname with an air of authoritativeness over the years.