Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Taiwan's Three-in-One Elections

Taiwan recently conpleted its "three-in-one" local elections. The KMT won big, as was widely predicted. For the Western media this was obviously the people of Taiwan embracing China because the only thing that they know about the KMT is that it is the opposition party and it likes China more than President Chen Shui-bian, of the DPP.

Michael Turton, who makes a hobby out of highlighting and correcting the ignorance of the Western media on all things related to Taiwan, has a more realistic appraisal of the elections, what they mean, and what they don't mean.

It is easy to identify factors such as the DPP's poor overall localization strategies, the KMT's long establishment at the local level, or the greater financial advantages of the former ruling party, but it is much harder to see what is missing. And here's something that wasn't there: China. Not a peep was heard out of China this election.

Another interesting fact noted by Michael (and few others) is that the DPP's percentage of the total vote has consistantly increased in the last few local elections. Could this have been a DPP success after all? Read the rest of the article and find out.

Additionally, check out Jujuflop's pieces on monitors/students of the election and how this election is really about setting the scene for 2008.