Monday, February 20, 2006

Tour of the Sinosphere

The blogosphere has had an abundance of must-read articles as of late. Here are some of my favorites with a brief excerpt of each.
  • Jujuflop explains the friction in Taipei-Washington relations since 2000.
    The majority of diplomats and Taiwan-experts in the US had regular contact with senior KMT officials and built up their relationship with the KMT. When the DPP took over power in 2000, the US suddenly found that their contacts weren’t in control, and they had to develop a whole new set of relationships.
  • China Confidential asks if China has a Wal-Mart problem.
    China Confidential has learned that certain officials in Beijing are concerned about the ways in which Wal-Mart affects China's international image, especially in the United States, where the company has become synonymous with products--and, in the eyes of millions of Americans and many of their elected representatives--unemployment--made in China.
  • Michael Turton and Jerome Keating look at the Ma Ying-jeou shuffle. Michael also looks inside the KMT.

There have also been quite a few articles in the mainstream media worth a perusal.